Time Series Charts

This can be found from the results page of the Quality module tab in the web app, and are specific to each plot or store lot.  Simply click on charts in the upper right hand corner after selecting a result to change from table to charts. These are a great way of visualising changes in quality over a period of time, helping you make key decisions accurately and quickly. Quality results will still appear in a table by default, but now if a report is shared with anyone via email, that person can also see the report in a chart view.

It is important to note that only assessments made using the latest version of the template will show as time series charts. Older assessments will still show as charts, but the data points will be for that assessment only and not show other data.

Each point on the chart will be an average of the parameter from the subsamples taken or the individual result if only one sample is taken. If more than one assessment is taken on the same day, they will be separated to create 2 or more points on the chart. 

Parameters in weight-based sections will appear on the same chart separated by section heading, but are interactable. All the parameters are on one chart because the Y-axis will always be Percentage by weight and therefore standardised.  Users can toggle on or off each parameter or the total to get a more in depth view; also by hovering your mouse over any point on the graph, users can see the specific result for that parameter on that sample date.

For non-weighed sections, users will see a single chart for each parameter, with the Y-axis being the parameter name (%), as there could be a large number of parameters that have very different values, e.g. from 0.001 to 100, and fitting these on one chart would be unreadable.

As just a single parameter will show on each chart, it will always show the range of values (where sub-samples exist).

For both weight based and non weight based charts, the x-axis will always be the date the sample was taken, not the date of the assessment.    

If you have any questions or feedback on Quality results please contact support@kisanhub.com

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