Creating a new organisation

This is only possible for registration admins from organisations with a paying subscription to KisanHub modules.

Start from My Network, select Connect to an organisation which will bring up the directory search bar.

If after searching for an organisation you cannot find it in the directory, first search for it on the web to ensure it doesn't go by another name which it may be in the directory as. It is also worth checking with that organisation if they already use the KisanHub platform, as this would show they are named as something other than what you know them as. This is crucial to avoid duplicate organisation names on the platform.

Once you have exhausted all options for the organisation to be on the platform then you can add it as a new organisation. Click Create a new organisation and you will have a form to fill in. 

Enter the name of the organisation and if the organisation is also a farm then toggle that on. 

You can then either search for the address which will then auto fill part of the form for you or enter the address manually.

There is a list of optional details you can also add which includes a company logo. 

Once the mandatory parts of the form are completed you can click save and the organisation will now appear in the directory allowing you connect to it. 

From there you will be able to invite users to the organisation from My Network as you created it. 

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