Load Records

To view Load Records, first ensure your account is set up for the Supply Module.  If not then speak with your KisanHub Customer Success manager.  Or email support@kisanhub.com  

Load Records may be accessed under Supply > Load Records. This will bring you to a page similar to the below. Here you can download PDFs of individual load records, export a list to a CSV file as well as edit the status of submitted load tickets.

You can use the filters to narrow down submitted load tickets you wish to see or export.

To edit a load ticket, click on the pencil at the far right of the load ticket you wish to edit. Here you can edit the status of the submitted load. You have the option of: In transit, Completed, Cancelled and Returned.

You may also add additional information such as pay weights. Once you are finished editing click on the save button at the bottom. 

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