Passport Templates

To create Load Passport Templates, first ensure your account is set up for the Supply Module. If not then speak with your KisanHub Customer Success manager.  Or email  

To access Passport templates you must be on the web app. Go to Supply > Passport templates. Start by clicking "Add new template"

From here you can begin to create your template. Give the template a name, select the crop this template will be associated with and the delivery address which brings up a list of organisations from your network including your own.

It is important to note here that you may only have one passport template associated with the same crop and delivery location, creating a new template will override any existing ones.

There is a large list of potential details a passport can include, some fields are already added to start. In order to add details you must first click the "eye" making that section now appear on your template. You also have the option of making this a mandatory section for someone completing a passport. If there are any sections that you wish to appear on this list please contact your KisanHub Customer Success Manager.

You also have the option of adding up to 10 chemical declarations to the passport. 

Once you have completed your template you can either save as a draft for going back to later, or you can publish it. This then becomes visible to organisations that you have a contract agreement with for the crop associated with this template. 

If a template has been created or edited it will appear in the passport templates page. You will see the name of the publisher, the date it was last published and a version number dictating how many times it has been edited or updated.

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