Store Inventory

Store inventory shows you in table form, all of the mapped stores from the 'Inventories Map' page that you have access to. 

To find the new store inventory on the web app, simply click on the Inventories drop down, then click Store Inventory. 

Store Inventory looks like this: 

If you click the filter button, it then displays information you can apply filters to. which helps you view the information in a more condensed view.

You will notice the Active, Closed, and All buttons at the bottom of the filter view. This is because the platform has moved from a 'Season' filter, to the concept of active or 'closed' plots and lots. Until a store lot  is closed, it will show up on both the map, and the store inventory. 

The harvest date and recommended movement date filters allow a certain time frame to be searched, which is useful when users want to retrospectively review a certain part of a season, or harvest and the data captured for that time period. 

In the store inventory table some of the links can be clicked (the ones underlined in blue). These links take you to other pages within the platform, for ease of use. If you have access to the Monitor module, you will be able to see the number of diary submissions on a store lot here and be linked to those diaries. If you have access to the Quality module, the number of quality results on that store lot will appear and also link to those results.

Clicking on the store name will bring up the details of that store; this includes the store capacity, type of store and how many lots are in that particular store. Here you can also upload any files of store maps that may be associated with that store. 

By selecting the store lot in blue, it will bring up the lot for that store. Here you can adjust the quantities left in that store, by entering a "-" before the number; it will reduce the quantity. Otherwise, the total will be increased. Here you can also add any crop tags, adjust estimated loss rates. You can add or remove tonnage to within 3 decimal places, effectively to the nearest kilo. It is crucial that when a store has been emptied and adjusted to 0t available that a store lot is closed. Otherwise it will appear as open on the store inventory page, and appear in dropdowns on load passports, monitoring diaries, and quality results.

Creating a new store lot

By selecting the "create new lot" button you will be brought to this page. It is important that you know the owner of the lot and that organisation is set up in your network before creating a lot. You can now select from known fields with existing plots on them, or for "off platform" crops you can create a new field name. You will then need to fill in the rest of the boxes manually.

If you select from an "on platform" field with existing plots, then the variety will either auto-populate or bring a drop down if there is more than one plot in that field. You must then enter the name of this lot, harvest date, the tonnage, and loss rate. Crop tags are optional. By finally selecting "Create lot" this store lot will become "Open".

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