Store Monitoring

Monitoring stores is a key factor in reducing waste on stored crop across the season.

The store monitoring page provides a view of diaries that have been submitted by your network's organisations, letting you monitor the progress of your stored crops.

Store Monitoring diaries are submitted via the mobile app but may be viewed and edited on the web.

Below is the store monitoring page, showing you a list of diaries that have been recorded. This can be accessed from Monitor > Store Monitoring:

To find the diary you are interested in, you can filter by 

  • Date range

  • Reporter

  • Team

  • Store 

  • Crop 

  • Variety 

  • Lot

  • Observation Variable

  • Risk Level


Adding a store monitoring diary


This is only possible on mobile.

  • Select a store to filter the store lot list or jump straight to the store lot selector.

  • Select a store lot from the lots that are available for this store, or alternatively create one. This is useful if the crop is off platform.

  • Select the date of the diary entry. This will default to today's date as standard.

  • Entering the observation location helps identify where it was taken. This is useful if you plan on taking multiple diaries.

  • You can add temperature and humidity based on readings taken or by adding the temperature and humidity a store is set to. 

  • Observations. These observations may be defects, disease or pests.

  • Sample taken - this is either yes or no

  • Recommended movement date can be added. This date is shown in the store inventory and can be updated in the store lot detail page or by submitting a new store monitoring diary entry.

  • Additional notes may be taken for your reference later.

  • Finally, there is the option to upload up to 5 images of the crop, either from your phone's camera or from its gallery.

  • Once you have filled in as much information as possible, you will need to tap on save. You can go back to any diary later either on mobile or on the web to view or edit it.

Sharing Store Monitoring diaries on the web

  • You can edit or share by email any monitoring diary at any time on the web from the diary detail page. Sharing a diary entry will send the recipient(s) a unique URL via email so they can view the entry you are sharing.
  • You are also able to share multiple diary entries at once. Simply select all or select individual entries on the listing page. Once one or more boxes are ticked the share button will appear as below, then enter as many email addresses as you need.


Editing Store monitoring diary entries


  • To edit a diary entry you must click on the entry you wish to edit. You will then see an "Edit diary" button. This will enable you to edit or add more information to the diary entry.
  • Adding attachments - You can now add further images or attachments to the Store monitoring diaries, to do so, click on “Upload a file” option: You may wish to add files such as spray records for reference later.
  • Once you are happy with the changes, click on the Save button at the bottom right corner of the page.
  • Notifications - A notification will be sent to all relevant orgs to let them know when a diary has been created or edited. 

Visibility rules


A Store Monitoring diary will be visible to you if:

  • Your organisation created the diary
  • Your organisation created the store lot
  • You own the store lot
  • None of the above, but in networks, your organisation has been allowed “diary visibility” by the diary creator


Store monitoring  helps track your crop in store's progress. This gives you an extra pair of eyes on the ground and helps you make important decisions throughout the season. 


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