New KisanHub web menu

As of January 2022, the menu in our web platform is changing! We have updated it to display the tools in a logical way so they are easy to find. The menus now reflect the KisanHub product offering by using the names of the modules available- Inventories, Monitor, Quality, Supply, Network and Reports. You will always be able to see all menus, but you can only access the tools under each menu if either:

  • You're organisation is subscribed to that module or,
  • You're organisation is connected to and works with an organisation that is subscribed to that module and you need access to it for data collection

Where you do not have access to that menus tool, you will see an advertisement page explaining what the module provides.

There are also a few things that have moved places, so please take note of these below:

  • Field and store inventories have been separated, they now live under the Inventories heading along with map
  • Load passport templates now lives under the "Supply" heading along with load records and load passports. This menu item is permission controlled
  • Crop quality templates is also permission controlled
  • My organisation and My network are now two menu items under network. There is now no separate "Directory" page, you can access this from My network by selecting "Connect to an organisation". Trading agreements are still added in this page:

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