Getting started on the new app

Here at KisanHub, we continually strive to provide solutions that help you optimise your crop growing and procurement decisions. 

That is why we want to give you the best experience when using our system and provide you with easy to use tools to improve efficiency and make your job easier.

With this in mind, why not try our fab new mobile app, and please be aware that we will be phasing out the old one by December 2021. Designed from the ground up to give the following benefits:
  • Offline functionality anywhere in the world
  • Crop quality is part of the new app - view and submit assessments
  • Automatic synchronisation

  • New, easy to use design and layout

  • The new design is shared with the web platform, making it more familiar. It also means we can develop new tools faster, responding to your needs sooner!

To get started - download the app from the app store. You will know it's the new one by the different design: 

To login, use your login details from the web platform. 

The first page it brings you to is to select your organisations. This will differ based on whether you are a producer group user, or a grower user. 

Organisations you are linked with on the networks page will be listed here, and you can either select certain orgs, or use the 'select all' button. 

Follow the steps on screen to select the organisations. 

Confirm your choice: 

The information will then sync to your device: 

You will see this screen, which is the new home screen of the app. As the app is developed further, more information will show on the screen! 

We hope you find this useful, for any further information contact the KisanHub support team - 

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