Weather Data

A question frequently asked by users now is - how do I view weather data for plots? 

Historically, we have hosted a number of weather stations on the KisanHub platform. However, in 2021 we made the decision to move away from weather stations, and to capture weather data from our source - Metomatics*. 

To access weather data now, the information is on the plot card for individual crops, which is found on the farm map: 

If you click on the weather information itself, a more detailed graph appears, based on when the crop was planted up until the current date: 

This weather can be viewed as a graph, and if you hover the mouse over a specific parameter, it will grey out the others on the graph for ease of viewing. You can also click on the parameter to hide it permanently. 

In the right hand corner you have the option to view the data as it is in a graph, or a table view. You can also download the information as a graph or table by clicking the Download button, which exports the information immediately to your device. 

* We moved to Meteomatics as our forecast and actual weather data provider last year as DarkSky was not giving us the accuracy or reliability we required. We did an exercise to compare Meteomatics actual weather data with actual weather station data and Darksky data. Meteomatics gives us 100% data completeness, which is even better than having the actual weather stations (99.6% completeness) and Darksky (6-98%). For precipitation, humidity, temperature and solar radiation, we have actually found that Meteomatics is more accurate than the weather stations themselves. Weather stations provided more errors and unrealistic spikes than the Meteomatics data did (exercise completed end 2019)

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