Crop Inventory

Crop inventory shows you in table form, all of the mapped crops from the 'Farm map' page. 

To find the new crop inventory, simply click on the Farm drop down, then click Crop Inventory. 


Crop Inventory looks like this:

You will notice you can tab between Field and Store here. Click here to find out more about the store inventory. 

To view the information in a filtered view, click the arrow on the filter button to show more information: 

This then displays the information that you can apply filters to, which helps you view the information in a more condensed view: 

You will notice the Active, Closed and All buttons at the bottom of the filter view. This is because the platform has moved from a 'Season' filter, to the concept of active or 'closed' plots. This enables crops that span multiple seasons to be viewed on the map and mobile app. Until a crop is closed, it will show on both the map, and the crop inventory. 

The sowing and harvest date pickers allow a certain time frame to be searched, which is useful when users want to retrospectively review a certain season, or harvest and the data captured at that time. 

The final piece of information displayed is an Expected Tonnage and a Cropped Area. When a plot is created, the area is recorded as well as an estimated yield. The expected tonnage can be updated as the season progresses, by editing the tonnages in the crop inventory. Click here to find out how to edit. 

You will notice in the crop inventory table some of the links can be clicked (the ones underlined in blue). These links take you to other pages within the platform, for ease of use. 

Clicking on the plot name will take you to the map view, and bring up the plot card. The diaries link will take you through to the crop monitoring page. If there are any quality links then they will be blue, and this will take you to the quality report for that crop. 

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