Maps on Phoenix

Under Farm in the top menu, select map as seen in the image below. 

The Map page contains everything you need to set up your farm profile. Add farms and stores first, then fields and crops using the appropriate icons. For each created asset, a side card displays all relevant information and actions.

How to add a farm:

  • Select the add FARM icon

  • Fill in the organisation and farm name and drop the pin

  • The location address will be found automatically when you drop the pin on the map 

  • Once saved, your farm will be mapped with a farm pin icon and an information card.  


How to add fields:

  • Select the add FIELD icon

  • Draw around the boundary of the field. The more points you click on curves, the more accurate the layout will be.

  • To finish drawing the polygon, click back on the first point, or double click the last point.

  • Select the Farm it belongs to, then enter the field name, soil type and block ID. The area can be adjusted if necessary but is automatically calculated from the drawn field boundary. 

  • Click on save field


Once created, the field side card shows the information about your field. You can switch to seeing the crop sidecard for that field, or add soil samples. Soil samples are only visible for a field when it is selected. You can click on soil samples for more information, and manage soil reports via the new Soil Reports page, which is also accessible via the Farm menu. For more about soil samples, click here.

Once fields have been created, you can add crops to them:

  • Select the add CROP icon

  • Select the field you want to add a crop to in the field dropdown or click on it in the map view. If the crop uses the whole field, select the 'Use Field Boundary' option. If you have more than one crop within a field, or a crop is only part of a field, make sure  'Use Field Boundary' is deselected and then draw the boundary manually inside the selected field.

  • You can enter a name for that crop, but we will create one automatically if you don’t. It may be edited at any time.

  • Select the crop and variety (both are compulsory if a completed sowing operation is selected)

  • Add the sowing date as planned or completed, and adjust the cropped area if necessary. 

  • Enter the estimated yield and save the crop

From the side card, you can manage operations, crop monitoring diaries (observations) and view weather and satellite imagery (UK). You can also manage sharing to determine who can see your crop and its data; it is important to share the crop with the organisation you are growing it for as it enables procurement planning. You can also switch to viewing the field side card rather than the crop.

Add a STORE:

  • Select the add STORE icon. As when adding a farm, drop a pin on the map and fill in the form details.

The search bar at the top of the page allows you to search for any of your farms, fields, crops or stores. Each layer can be turned on or off according to your interest or need, and you can also filter by the organisation. These filters affect what is returned in the search results.

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