Potato Late Blight

Plots will automatically be subscribed to the potato late blight model when:

  • The plots' crop = Potato

  • The plot has an actual planting date entered

Model: The Potato Late Blight model will run on a daily basis using field weather information (Temperature and humidity). 

Notifications: The notifications for the Potato Late Blight model will be sent on:

  1. Monday

  2. Wednesday and 

  3. Friday 

The notifications will be sent if a high or medium risk is predicted on any of the subscribed plots in the next 4 days. These notifications will be sent to members of the Primary team.

You will find the notifications in your mobile app under the notification centre. Potato Late Blight notifications will be under Pest and Disease.  

The team summary notification will contain:

  • The number of plots at risk

  • A list of each plot with a high or medium risk in the next 4 days

  • Individual plot risk, reported with 4 days forecast (including today's risk)

On the web, the model output can be found under "Decision support" → Pest and Disease:

Selecting a plot displays the model output:

Notifications also show in the MyReports section on the web:

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