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Excitingly, satellite imagery is now available automatically on all plots within the UK. NDVI (Normalised Difference Vegetation Index) imagery, overlaid on plots, can be viewed in the mobile app. We have chosen the NDVI index because it is a great proxy for the green biomass of a crop.  

It is one of the most universal remote crop monitoring systems and can compensate for changes in light conditions due to the weather and aspect of the land. NDVI imagery is captured every 3-5 days, but cloud cover often obscures some of these images. 

The KisanHub engineers have made it possible for you to access the benefits of NDVI imagery, allowing you to monitor your crop’s health easily from the app anywhere, any time. 

How to see NDVI on mobile

Before you can view NDVI satellite imagery, first make sure:

  • The field must have a crop added (plot created) watch this video to help

  • The plot must be in the current season to show up on the mobile

  • The plot must have an actual recorded planting date later than 1st August 2019

  1. Zoom into your plots

  2. Select the satellite icon in the top right corner of the screen. You may need to zoom in further for this to appear.

  1. This will show the latest NDVI image of each plot with a date stamp of when the image was taken by the satellite

  1. If no image is available, you will get the message “No image available” over the plot

  2. This functionality is online-only, so if you do not have sufficient connectivity, imagery will not load and you will get a “No internet connection” message

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