Gatekeeper Integration Set-up guide


KisanHub has developed an integration with Gatekeeper that enables you to effortlessly transfer data into the KisanHub platform. This removes the need for fields and crops on Gatekeeper to be manually re-entered and set up on KisanHub, allowing access to the platform's functionality without manually duplicating any data. In a few clicks, all of your crops and selected operations from Gatekeeper can be transferred to the KisanHub platform. 

How does it work?

It is important that you have spoken to KisanHub personnel before attempting an integration. This is because there are permissions we need to set from our end. Once this is done, and you are given the go ahead to permission KisanHub to access your Gatekeeper data, at 12 am each night, the system reads any changes that have occurred in your data set that day and creates the same data on KisanHub. This includes:

  • Farms

  • Fields (name, area, soil type)

  • Crop boundaries (name, area, harvest year, variety)

  • Planting and harvest operations (date, time, variety, rate, yield)

These assets will be automatically created in KisanHub, with no discernible difference between them and others created manually on the system. Currently, the integration is set up for the following crops:

  • Potatoes

  • Winter Barley

  • Winter Wheat

Please contact your customer success representative if you require other crops to be added.

If you have pre-existing farms, fields and plots on KisanHub, that are also in your Gatekeeper account, it is important that they are named identically in Gatekeeper, otherwise when they are imported into KisanHub, they will not name-match and this will lead to duplication and overlapping of these features. Gatekeeper is used as the source of truth in this integration, so the latest change or edit made in Gatekeeper will always update the value on KisanHub. Changes made in KisanHub are not reflected in Gatekeeper.

Permissioning a KisanHub integration from Gatekeeper- this process needs completing once a year as you can only share one years data at a time from Gatekeeper. A new year of data will not show until you have completed this process again. 

Otherwise, follow the instructions below.

  • Go to Gatekeeper and Select Setup Businesses

  • In the form, select Setup Relationships

  • Select KisanHub in the left hand list and ensure Active is selected at the bottom of the window (this defaults to Inactive)

  • Enter your account number and postcode. Your account number must be your KisanHub account name

  • Then go to the Data tab and select the harvest year and field groups you wish to share. Then click Authorise. Then click OK and OK

  • This will set up a publishing file. You can either wait for this to be sent automatically next time you synchronise, or to do it immediately, select the Publishing icon

  • Go to the Outbox tab, select the KisanHub publishing file and press Send now. Then close

  • That's it! Your KisanHub-Gatekeeper integration is set up

NOTE: Data will first be pulled into KisanHub at 12am, once everything above has been completed.

Once complete, you should be able to see your Gatekeeper plots in the MyFarm map like below, as well as in the field inventory. 

If you would prefer, you can watch how to integrate by watching this video:

Any questions? Please get in touch with our Customer Support team 

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