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The KisanHub crop quality tool enables users to enter chemical detection and produce quality results, to verify whether a crop meets the procurement specifications for different markets and customers. The results table will indicate which market the crop is suitable for.

Crop Quality looks like this: 

You will find crop-specific templates by clicking on the dropdown as shown in the (screenshot) below:

Search: You can search for a plot list using the crop owner or plot name. 

You can also filter by date, crop, plot status and market suitability. The selected options will filter out in the table below. 

There are two ways that a plot can enter its crop quality journey. The first is to use the plot status model in the mobile plot side card. Updating the plot status for a plot will cause it to show up in the plot list table of crop quality. Alternatively, you can go straight to the web dashboard, select “Add results” and select the plot.

Add new results: Select the plot for which you wish to enter results using the dropdowns available. Enter the background information and then enter the test results which have been collected for each test parameter. If you have a list of test parameters and their values in another format, you can copy and paste them into the first Test Results box and all of the entries will auto-create. If the test parameter name is not recognised, you will be asked to select or confirm it manually.

Note: Crop owner, plot name (or store-lot name) and laboratory are compulsory.

You can also attach PDFs or Images to the test results.

Once you save the results, market suitability is automatically calculated for the markets specified in that template. You will see the plot in the listing table of the crop quality homepage, where the plot name is hyperlinked in the table. When you click on this, you will find the results for the plot, so you can identify the detections of chemical residues and see which markets the plot has passed or failed for. 

You can edit the test results by clicking the pencil icon in the table. 

Generate customer report: To see a detailed list of all plots that have a  “Ready for harvest” status, select ‘Generate customer report’ on the top right corner.

Export filtered table: You can export the filtered crop quality table to CSV by selecting ”Export filtered table”. 

You can watch the video here:

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