Store Inventory

The Store Inventory is found on the web app side menu. Clicking on Store will direct you to the Store Inventory which is in our new web app. As a side note, you’ll see that our new web app is faster to use and simplified.

Store Inventory shows you the stores, store maps, and allows you to keep the stock levels up to date so you can monitor the tonnage that is available for delivery. You can view history for each store (the "Timeline") and monitor how each store is performing.

Store Inventory looks like this:

To find the store you are interested in, you can filter by Team, Store name, Field and Variety:

In the table you can click on:

  1. Store name: You can view the store details including Capacity and number of lots and add a store map.
  2. Lot: You can view a timeline of events, edit the estimated loss rate, adjust the estimated available tonnage and leave comments for each lot.

To create a new lot, click ‘Create new lot’ at the top right corner of the Inventory table. Note that all fields are mandatory when you create a new lot.

Field: Displays the field which the crop originally came from

Crop: Determined by the plot

Variety: Determined by the plot

Harvested: Harvest date of the plot

Tonnage In: The quantity entered at the time of creating a lot

Available tonnage: Calculates as below:

  • Tonnage In
  • minus (loss rate % * Tonnage in)
  • minus Sum of Load tickets taken from this lot
  • minus Sum of manual adjustments against this lot

Quality: Contains Lab QC and, when available, this will link to a modal

Comments: Number of comment events

Lot details page:

  • You can edit the est. loss rate.
  • You can add a manual adjustment of a tonnage amount
  • You can leave a comment.
  • Result: after clicking save you will see the available tonnage updated and any adjustments and comments will appear on the timeline


For each lot, there is a timeline of events. This will inform decisions about the lot and procurement.

The main events are

(1) Lot status changes, e.g. Creating a lot, closing a lot

(2) Comments

(3) Adjustments

How to create a lot:

When you click on the ‘Create a lot’ option:

You will find a pop-up which provides an option to enter Team, Field, Store, Plot, Store, Tonnage, Loss rate. Everything is mandatory so, when you have filled in all the fields, click, save. You will find your new store lot shown in Store Inventory table.

You can watch the video below:

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