Store Inventory

Store Inventory shows you the stores, store maps, and allows you to keep the stock levels up to date so you can monitor the tonnage that is available for procurement.


The Store Inventory is found on the side menu. Click on Store to get to the Store Inventory which is in our new web app. As a side note, you’ll see that our new web app is faster to use and simplified.


Store Inventory looks like this:

    1. Navigating

To find the store you are interested in, you can filter by Team, Store name, Field, Variety and status:


    2. Table

In the table you can click on:

  1. Store name: for details about the store 

  2. Lot: for the timeline of events and to edit the availability 

  3. Quality: where available, this will link to the last 5 quality reports 

Note: The Comments column tells you the number of comments for a lot.



    3. Creating a lot

Click ‘Create new lot’ at the top right corner of the Inventory table. 

Note that all fields are mandatory when you create a new lot.



  1. Field: select the field which the crop originally came from

  2. Variety: Determined by the plot

  3. Plot: Select the plot from the list

  4. Tonnage In: The quantity entered at the time of creating a lot

  5. Click ‘Save’

4. Editing & Timeline

From the Inventory table, you can click on a lot number to edit it and review the timeline. 

The available tonnage (a) is shown in the left-hand panel. Availability is calculated by taking the Initial tonnage  and subtracting: 

  • Estimated loss amount (b) which is calculated as loss rate % * Initial tonnage,

  • Supplied tonnage (c) which is the sum of Load tickets taken from this lot, and;

  • Adjustments (d) which is the sum of manual adjustments against this lot



Under the heading “Update” there is a calculator-style tool that allows you to edit the available tonnage. There are two ways to edit the available tonnage

  • Change the estimated loss rate (%) (e), or;

  • Make a manual adjustment (tonnes) (f)


When you change the estimated loss rate or add an adjustment, the calculator will work out the New Availability (g). Adding comments (h) is an option but it is not mandatory. The available tonnage will update after clicking ‘save’ (i). 

Adding Initial tonnage

In some cases, you might find the ‘Tonnage In’  value as zero and an option to add ‘Tonnage In’ as shown in the screenshot below:


Closing a lot:

The 'Close lot' button appears when Available tonnage is at zero.

When you close a lot, a dialogue box will appear which indicates that you will not be able to re-open the lot once you click on the option "I understand".


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