Viewing Weather Station Data on the KisanHub Mobile App

All of the weather stations provided by KisanHub can be viewed in the MyFarm section of the mobile app: 



In order to view the weather station allocated to your farm, you simply click the 'Search' bar. 



This will then bring up the weather stations in order of closest proximity to your location. You are also able to search by name of the station. 

If you wish to view information relating to a station, simply click on the weather station you are interested in: 



The weather stations are pulling through weather information every fifteen minutes which is what the above screenshot is displaying. If you wish to view further detail you click the icon with the bars at the top right of the screen, and then the whole day's worth of data is displayed: 



Here you are able to scroll back and view the past 10 days worth of data. If you wish to view further back than that you will need to view via the web platform. 

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