Crop Inventory Table

The crop inventory table was designed as a management tool for web platform users. The advantage of the table is all field information added by users will be automatically collated into one place - no copying and pasting onto different spreadsheets. The crop inventory is found in MyFarm and it can be viewed as the map view, or a table. 

To switch between the two you simply click the icons to the top right hand corner of the screen which looks like this:


In the map view, information relating to a crop can be viewed by clicking on a field - which brings up the field side card, where information such as 

1.    Weather report

2.    Sharing and deleting option

3.    Crop book 

4.    Notification 

5.    Crop details, Operations, and Dairy are displayed

Please refer screenshot below:

In the table view, crops can be viewed in several ways.

Where a user has multiple 'teams' the crop inventory table can be viewed as an aggregation of all teams data, or just one particular team. This is achieved by selecting the team required in the top right corner. If you wish to view all teams information, you simply click the X so that 'All Teams' is displayed in the Team box. This displays all of the team information in the crop inventory table. 

The crop inventory is a great management tool because it displays the most relevant information for a specific crop, throughout the growing season. With our new and improved 'dashboard' style feature - a summary of the selected crops can be viewed at the top of the page: 

This provides a quick overview for our users for a particular crop or team.

The information can be filtered by Crop type, and also variety. This is a really useful tool for enterprises with multiple varieties to monitor. 


The other new and improved function on the crop inventory table is the edit feature. This allows the user to bulk edit the following information: 

1. Variety

2. Cropped area

3. Estimated yield 

4. Expected planting date

    Actual planting date

5. Expected harvest date

    Actual harvest date

There is also the option at any stage to export the information to CSV  which happens instantly and shows as a download on your screen. 

We hope that you will find this new feature a useful tool for your business. 

If you have any feedback or further queries please contact your KisanHub Customer Success Manager or email

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