Assessment data collection on the mobile


Version 1 of the KisanHub Trials app (on iOS and Android operating systems) allows you to collect assessment data directly into the web platform via a mobile phone whilst out in the field. This function removes the necessity of collecting assessment data via pen and paper or via tablets and laptops running Excel or ARM data sheets. The need for manual uploads or downloads is removed as all data is automatically uploaded and synchronised to the Web dashboard via the Cloud. The application requires 3G or 4G signal to send the data. At very remote sites, this may not be available.

As with all KisanHub mobile tools, the Trials app can be found in the left hand side bar and will be visible to all those who have Trials permissions and access. 

Viewing protocols

Once "Trials" has been selected, a list of protocols for your current synchronised team will be shown for the current year. Protocols can be searched for or filtered by year and trial centre using the icons in the top right hand corner of the screen. Once the desired protocol has been found, clicking on the card will open a page of details for that protocol. This is read only. Assessment data can be collected and saved only for a protocol that is in Implementation mode and has had trial plots created.  When this is the case, the protocol card will contain a green assessment button. 

Collecting assessment data 

Work through the wizard to set up your assessment session by selecting the field, date, majority growth stage, all of the assessments you wish to carry out and number of subsamples. 

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Collect your data in the usual manner, entering it into each subsample placeholder for each assessment and working through the plots. The default plot order is currently numerical, working through the blocks in ascending order. For subsamples where data should not or cannot be collected, leave the field blank. No assessment record will be created for that subsample on that plot. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Selecting SAVE & CLOSE will end the current assessment session and send the data to the Web platform. You will not be able to view or edit the collected data on the mobile at this point. You will also have to create a new assessment session to continue collecting data, even if it is the same day for the same trial, field and assessment variables. 

Data is stored in the usual place.Find the protocol in the protocol list, and then select "Assessment" from the "Application" dropdown. Data loads under upload date, and is then segregated by the assessment variable. Select the variable that you want to view, and data will be tabulated as below. 

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Future Improvements


At KisanHub, we are constantly working to improve our software services. In this assessment data capture project, we are currently working on:

  • Adding notes and images to the assessments
  • Offline functionality and draft viewing of data
  • Selecting various routes through the trial (default plot order)
  • Missed plot notifications

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