MyFarm Improvements

A quick update on new features and improvements that have been released on MyFarm this week!

MyFarm Map View 

  • Map view loading time has been significantly reduced 
  • Both map and table views are now bookmarkable to your browser 
  • When drawing a field it now shows the line length and current area of that plot making field adding an easier process 

MyFarm Field Inventory Table View 

  • Field inventory table loading time has been significantly reduced
  • Crops can now be filtered by variety
  • Added a sort dropdown to allow sorting by any column
  • View mode filter in table to restrict the columns that are visible e.g. harvest mode, scheduling mode 
  • The table now properly fills the panel and resizes as you resize the page
  • Items per page automatically defaults to 50 per page
  • Download to CSV now downloads all table data not just the current page 
  • Edit button on each inventory entry allowing for quicker editing - it brings up a dialogue box allowing for quick entry of information such as estimated yields

  • In the farm selection box, you are now able to start typing the farm name and it will bring up the possible options for you to click on, so scrolling down is avoided
  • You can clear your default farm/field in user settings 
  • Enabled editing of product rate and concentration units in the Operations section

For any questions please contact your Customer Success Manager or email 


The KisanHub Team 

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