Uploading ARM files

The KisanHub platform is able to accept data directly from Agricultural Research Manager (ARM) once it has been exported into Excel format. The Excel file should look something like this:

To begin the upload of an ARM Excel output, click on the blue Add button in the top right hand corner of the Trials homepage and select Upload Data.


This loads the UPLOAD DATA card below:

Select ARM Data Export Excel File and fill in the corresponding trial details. Click the UPLOAD FILES button and select the appropriate file. Click SAVE.

Use the ASSESSMENT UPLOAD HISTORY tab on the trials homepage to monitor the status of your upload:

For successful uploads, no emails are sent. For failed and partial success uploads, error reports are sent via email to the email address registered to your account. These should help you to understand why the data has not uploaded successfully and take remedial action. 

The email header will contain the protocol code and the overall status of the upload. The email body will appear as below and is split into status's for Crop Application, Assessments, Treatment Application and Assessments. If applicable, short text will describe the reason for the failure. 

To view the uploaded data, click on the APPLICATION button for the relevant protocol and select ASSESSMENT:

This will load the Assessments page in a new tab which gives you an overview of all the assessments for which data has been uploaded including assessment name and date of capture. Clicking on individual assessments (outlined in red below) will load a new card called ASSESSMENT SUMMARY, containing all the raw data for that assessment.

Below is a screenshot of the ASSESSMENT SUMMARYClicking on a plot or treatment number gives you further details. 

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