How to Purchase NIAB Digital Subscription

This section will explain you as how to purchase the new NIAB Digital Subscription online. Please complete the "Sign Up" process before starting the purchase. Products can be purchased once you have completed the sign up process. 

Once the "Sign Up" process is complete, you will be shown the screen below to select the plan and purchase. All relevant details on the plans are shown in each section. 

At the bottom of the plan, user can see the PURCHASE button in blue background. Please click on the relevant button to select the plan. 

On clicking that button, user will be shown with a Purchase Form. 

Kindly fill in relevant details like Billing Address, Delivery Address (check the box if it is same as Billing). Select appropriate number of user licenses from the top right hand section and then enter the credit or debit card details in the bottom right hand section. Click on BUY NOW button to complete the purchase. User will be shown the screen below to confirm:

On confirmation and successful completion of the payment, user will be shown the message below. User can then go in "License Management" to allocate user licenses. 

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