Details - Side Cards

Each object on the map - farm, field, crop - has a "side card" view which shows more details about that object. As shown in the figure below, user can see details about the farm by clicking on the farm icon.  Similarly empty fields and fields with crop(s) has same click action. The side card will open on click. 

The side cards which will open on click as following sections:

  • Top most section for forecast weather
  • The next section is for actions like edit, share etc
  • The section below shows details under each tab

For example, the farm card looks as shown in the figure below:

In the blue background is the weather forecast with actions below starting with the pencil icon and farm details in the table section below the action icons. 

The crop card as more details as compared to farm and looks as shown in the figure below:

The crop view has edit action (shown by a pencil icon), share, crop book, satellite view, notifications and delete icon. 

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