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The technical content and MyDocs apps store information, articles and documents to be read by users with the aim of helping decision making. For users with admin access to these apps, when you click on Technical Content in the side bar, three drop downs are listed (DRAFTS, ARCHIVE, and SETUP). The following screen will be displayed. The homepage will default to display thumbnails of the most recent featured articles. 


The primary function of the Technical Content page is to help the used locate helpful literature. The best way to do this is to use the search bar at the top of the page (1). Here we have searched for "Wheat" and any document with "Wheat" included in the title or the description will be returned. If you know the name of the document you are looking for, be specific in your search terms. Multiple words can be entered into the search bar. You may also search using the drop-down lists under the search bar- TOPIC, GROUPS, CROP GROUPS, TAGS, TECHNICAL CATEGORIES and FORMAT. 

Once you  have found the right document, view it by clicking on READ MORE (2) on the thumbnail. This opens the document in a new tab, where you can view, edit, share the link with authorised users or download the document. 

The document can also be edited from the edit icon (3) on the document thumbnail. The article can then be edited as below.  

Featured articles are denoted by the orange circle and white star icon in the top right hand corner of the article icon (4). These are articles that your platform admin have set as featured because they are high priority.

Tags associated with each document are listed within the document icon (5). These can be clicked on to bring up other documents associated with these tags, but the original search will be lost. 

The final feature of the Technical Content page is the tools and links sidebar that you will find on the right hand side (5). These links and tools are specific to your organisation and will vary. 


As the homepage but displays articles that are still in draft format. Users with article permissions can write new articles but not publish them. Admin can publish them by clicking on the edit tool of a thumbnail and adjusting the dates at the bottom.


This tab displays articles that have gone beyond their feature date. Again, they can be edited by clicking the icon button. The report will be opened and the main body of the article can be edited. Scrolling to the bottom reveals this screen:

By adjusting the Publish and Expiry dates, an article can be republished and brought out of the archive. This will then be visible to all users.  


For admin users, the setup tab allows management and editing of the links and tools that are displayed in the right hand side bar of the Technical Content homepage. Upon scrolling down, users may edit meta settings (see below) such as topics and tags and also view and edit their subscription packages. 

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