Old App - Data Sync - Team Farm, Field and Plot Data

This section tells how to sync farm, field and plot data for primary and secondary teams. Primary team is the team to which user belongs. Secondary teams are the ones who have shared the data with a particular user. KisanHub app allows flexibility to sync only the required data. This way, Agronomists and Field Staff moving from farms and fields can optimise their data usage and have a seamless user experience. 

Tap on Data Sync to start the process

Tap on "UPDATE TEAM SELECTION" to make sure you have necessary teams selected

The team selection screen is as shown below. Select appropriate teams from the list. 

Once the team selection is done, tap on the data sync button on the top right hand corner of the team selection screen as shown below to sync the data

After the team selection is done, user can also tap on "SYNC TEAM DATA" button to sync the team data. 

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