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Site Admins and Team Admins can invite new users to join a team. Site Admins can invite user to join any team on their tenant while as Team Admins can invite user to join only their team. 

In order to invite a new user, please click on the Settings menu from the sidebar as shown below in the blue box:

If you have one of these permissions then you can invite a new user by clicking on +ADD button and selecting User from the dropdown list. 


Please type in the user's first name, last name to begin. Email address is mandatory on the tenants where primary user invite is done via email. The mobile number is mandatory on the tenants where primary user invite is done via mobile. The * mark in the field will show this. In the example screenshot above, the primary user invitation mode is via email and hence the email field is mandatory. 

There are optional membership IDs to be added to the form. Please feel in as appropriate. 

Please select the team name. If you are a Team Admin you will see only your team while as Site Admin can see all teams on that tenant. Finally, check the box if you would like this user to be a Team Admin. 

After clicking on the invite button, an user invitation will be sent to the user. They will have to accept the invitation to join the platform.

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