How do I Start?

Download the KisanHub Mobile App:

  • iPhone – App Store
  • Android – Google Play Store
  • Search for KisanHub and download.
  • This will be completed by the time the Onboarding session has finished

Logging in. 

  • Open the platform using Google Chrome
  • Go to
  • Username = email address
  • Password of own choice (save it within browser settings for future use)
  • Forgot Password – This will send a re-activation link to your inbox to re-create the password.

Settings – Adding Teams & Users

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the App Bar (left hand side)
  • Settings (with blue + rectangle) will allow you to add a Region, User and Team.
  • Firstly, create a TEAM (this is the business name) Please note, anything with * is mandatory and must be filled in to submit.
  • Within that team, create as many USER access required (spraying operators, field technicians, agronomists, farm managers)


  • Map View – Icons are the same as Google Maps, use the search bar to bring into postcode/ address.
  • Use the BLUE CIRCLE + (bottom right hand corner) to:
  • Add Farm
  • Add Field
  • Add Crop
  • Add Soil Samples
  • Upload Data (UAV Images, Field Boundaries, Field Operations)
  • Field boundaries come in the format of Shape File in Zipped Format
  • At the top right of the map, change the growing season to backdate crops/ plan future years crops
  • Field boundaries will remain the same year on year, add crops in to update the rotation
  • Click the +ADD to:
  • Add Operations (Spraying, Fertilising, Irrigation etc)
  • View Crop Monitoring will show any field walking/ agronomy notes from the MOBILE APP. 

MyFarm – Side Card:

  • Clicking on the Farm, Field Boundary or Crop will open up the side-card view
  • Here you can use the icons to:
  • EDIT
  • SHARE – input email address of another KisanHub user to share this field/ crop/ farm with. This will grant them access to see the information and data of this crop.
  • SET NOTIFICATIONS – Weather forecasts/ Pests and disease alerts to the mobile app.
  • Delete the Farm, Field or Crop.


  • View Forecast and Actual weather data for the Farm/Field (Hyper Local Weather)
  • Click SENSOR LIST to see Personal Weather Stations
  • Click on the MAP icon at the top
  • ADD WEATHER STATION – Click the BLUE CIRCLE + (bottom right)
  • DAVIS Vantage Pro 2 Parameters:

  • Temperature
  • Dew Point
  • Heat Index
  • Wind Chill
  • Wind
  • Relative Humidity
  • Pressure
  • Rainfall
  • Solar Radiation
  • UV Index
  • ETo Penman-Monteit

Potato Dashboard

  • MILESTONE SUMMARY – Once all crops are added in MyFarm the potato crops will appear in the Potato Dashboard:
  • Milestones to capture:
  • Planting Status (Date, Configuration, Variety)
  • Date of first Emergence (if possible)
  • Date of 50% Emergence **Mandatory
  • 50 days after ^ it will provide a date for the Yield Dig (only one required)
  • +ADD To add a yield dig template and yield dig
  • Click the blue link at the start of the Milestone summary to view the crop progress:
  • Actual Crop Canopy V NIAB CUF benchmark
  • Use the mobile app to take weekly images of the crops canopy progress.
  • Yield Dig will forecast what tonnage the crop will achieve if all remains the same throughout the season.

Stage 1 Complete – Base understanding

To learn more and get the best from KisanHub, visit:

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