Adding a new variety

Here is the step by step guide of how a user would add a specific variety onto the KisanHub platform. Please see screenshots below with details of where you need to click to add a variety that can be unique to your own farm or can be in general. 

1. Click on to 'MyFarm' and then the blue Add button

2. Then select 'Seed' here and not variety

3. Type in variety 

4. Select the crop 

5. Select the variety

6. If the variety you need is not there - you have the option to add one by clicking the + button (further explained below)

7. Select the team (farm) this relates to

8. Type in the manufacturer of the seed 

9. Once you have added all the information - then you can click Submit. 

Adding a new variety:

If you need any further assistance on this, please get in touch with the KisanHub support team on the email address below and we will get anything answered for you: 

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