Record Burndown- Milestone Summary

Milestone Summary- Recording Burn-down. 

Firstly click on the Potato Dashboard. Scrolling across through the growing season on the milestone summary will show what is needed for the app to give the most precise outcome for your crop. Ensuring that yield digs have been done for each crop. Recording burn down will give you recommendations and show what the outcome will be from changing the burn down date to meet your specific criteria. 

Please click the ‘Record Burndown’ to open the table as shown below. 

From here select the Operation status as:

Plan (planned event) or Record (when the operation  was carried out)

Next, choose the date of which burndown was or is going to be carried out. 

Finally, choose the product used when spraying the  crop to burn it off: 

When the ‘Save’ button turns green, please click it  to add the plan or record to the milestone summary bar for that specific crop.  It will look like the column below. When changing the plan to complete, please  click on "plan" to save it as a complete operation:


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