Adding Yield Digs

Yield Dig data are added via the potato dashboard (1), and then by clicking the Blue +ADD (2) button

Clicking the +ADD will then give you the option to add a yield dig result or create a specific template to record your yield dig. This will be explained at the end of this section. 

Clicking on Yield Dig Results will open the table for information to be filled out: 

  1. Sample Date - From the drop-down choose the date the sample was dug

  1. Choose Crop - From the drop-down choose the field which has been sampled

3. Dig Length: Scroll through the list to choose the appropriate dig length in feet or metres.

4. Choose The number of rows sampled from the protocol for "How to monitor and sample your crop". Individual rows or beds.

5. Grading Profile Type: You can choose the Standard, Custom or Template. The Standard allows you to choose increment sizes in either 5mm or 10mm bands. The Custom allows you to choose a range of different bandwidths as a one-off. The Template allows you to choose a template already been designed by yourself.

6. Increment Size: 

7. Start increment: 

8. Finishing Increment: 

9. Add a Replicate

10. Back/Save 

Once all the required fields are complete, the  ‘Save’ icon will turn green, allowing you to save the yield dig and the following message will appear at the top of the screen. 

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