Recording Canopy Cover Manually

MyFarm - Crop Monitoring

Using MyFarm will allow you to manually record Canopy Cover after the crop hits 50% Emergence.

1. Choose MyFarm (1.) Application and then Crop Monitoring (2.) as seen below. 

Click the Blue + ADD (3.) Button as seen below: 

Then click Diary

Clicking on this will open up a Diary Entry page. Please fill in all the criteria as seen below

Step 1: 

Allocating crop and date of ground cover measurement. 

1. Select the crop - When selected the screen will change to show how to add an observation

2. Choose the date of ground cover observation

3. If other members of the team require this information you can click "Send an Alert"

STEP 2: 

Press +ADD OBSERVATION to add ground cover. 

To upload the ground cover, please choose 'Crop Progress' from the dropdown menu. 

The Variable that needs to be chosen is GROUND COVER

Enter three values of the percentage of ground cover.

Use the +ADD to add more replicates. 

You can choose to add another observation or simply click 'Submit' and crop progress will be added.

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