Recording Planting Date and Crop Details

When the planting of each field has been completed, the date, variety and planting configuration should be confirmed using the milestone summary. 

From the Milestone summary click on 'Plan' (under planting status) for the crop you need to edit. This will open the next stage. 

Planting System: 


Click on the variety box below (highlighted in red) and start typing and the variety will automatically filter. Ignore the N/A in brackets after variety name. This will disappear once you have submitted the data. 

Complete details from dropdown calendars and lists as seen in the image's below. 

NB You will need to re-confirm the variety is the same as originally planned. The seed batch information is optional. Ignore the ‘N/A’ after the variety name.

Once all is correct, please click 'SAVE" as seen below.

Once planting details have been confirmed, the model will move the crop onto the next stage  of development. 


When this has been submitted you will see the status of the plan at the top of the screen (as seen below): 

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