Potato Dashboard introduction

Potato Dashboard


To get the best out of NIAB network, please use either Google Chrome or FireFox as the default browser (Internet Explorer can display the layout in ways that we have not intended). 


Please visit MyFarm help and support document to show how to create Farms, Fields and Crops for the Potato Dashboard to work. 

Images and text will be found under each heading in specific detail.

Getting your bearings on the Potato Dashboard.

  • Accessing Potato Dashboard Services through the KisanHub network
  • Adding data through the Milestone Summary
  • Recording canopy cover with Canopy Check on the mobile app 

If you have been provided with the appropriate subscription settings, the potato dashboard app is available from the applications on the left-hand side of the platform, as shown in the image below (Figure 1):

  1. Milestone Summary: - This is where planting and emergence dates are  entered (see topics : Milestone Summary: Planting Date & Recording Emergence for details) and where crop progress is reported
  2. Team filter: Indicates the Team, growing season and which farms are being run through the potato dashboard.
  3. Variety filter: Varieties grown under that farm in the selected growing season. 
  4. Clicking on individual headings will show the stages of emergence, canopy cover or the yield forecast (please see below) of each crop. Click on the ‘Plan’ in red to open the page to confirm the date of which planting occurred (please see Figure 2).
  5. Chart tabs for major milestones:

Emergence: (Please see Emergence tab for more information). 

Canopy Cover: (Please see Canopy Cover tab for more information). 

Yield Forecast(Please see Yield Forecast tab for more information).

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