Aquatic and Arthropod Buffer Zone Details

Aquatic buffer zone data is based on actual published label information, where available. If not available, CRD authorisation/approval data is used. If "DRT to 30m" is stated, "drift reduction technology"' as in 3 start nozzles, are required for the 30m from the top of the bank next to a watercourse. For example, a product with "6m and DRT to 30m" requires, from the top of the bank next to a watercourse, a 6m no spray buffer and 3 star nozzles for the next 24m. Detailed arthropod buffer data can only be reliably taken from the published product label. 

If applicable, these will be stated in the "Safety Precautions" and/or "Directions of Use" sections of the product label on the can. 

Please use the scroll bar to move across the page to see the full extent of Aquatic and Arthropod Buffer Zone Details: 

This section will show the following specific criteria of products found within ActivSmart: 

Product Name


Water Buffer Zone Category. 

Crop Affected

Water Buffer Width


Arthropod Buffer Applies

Arthropod Buffer Width


Buffer Applies 


The use of this section is unique. There is no other product on the market that quickly shows the details as shown above. It is a very quick way of checking products ahead of farm inspections. 

The use of this will be to show the farm has taken every precaution to look into products and their legal requirements. 

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