Searching for multiple products

ActivSmart allows 27 different attributes to search for products within the database. Choose one of the six headings to start your compared search. Please note that only one of the menus needs to be selected to start your search or search the database for ALL PRODUCTS and filter them down until you find the one that would suit the requirements. 

Once one or more of the fields have been selected, click the "Search" when it turns green. 

When using the boxes below, please use the search options at the top of each box to speed up the process. This will be generic across the app. 

1. Search by Crop Name: 

2. Search by Chemical Type: 

3. Active Ingredient: 

4. Marketing Company: 

5. Arthropod Buffer Applies:

6. Buffer Zone: 

7. Search for All Products. This will bring over 2,200 products up within ActivSmart. Please note, this may take up to a minute as there are so many products to pull into the database. 

8. CLEAR/ SEARCH: Once you are happy with the filters, please hit search to start the process or clear to start the search again. 

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