How to use ActivSmart

ActivSmart is a unique, comprehensive, flexible, easy to use agrochemical product comparison tool. In the farm or in the field, it is ready to use by sprayer operators, farmers, advisors, agronomists and industry professionals across the arable sector. 

Below is the layout once you first click on the app. 

1. This is the ActivSmart App. Click on this to open the search menus. 

2. Search for Individual Products (e.g. Adexar, Glyphosate etc) or search using specific Mapp Numbers found from the product Label

3. Compared search- There are multiple ways of searching for products within our database. Choose one or more of the titles and simply click search to pull products from the database. Search by: Crop Name, Chemical Type, Active Ingredient, Marketing Company, Arthropod Buffer Applies or the Bufferzone

4. LERAP Details- This document has been published by Andrew Watson and Phil Humphrey (NIAB Regional Agronomists) to show the details of how farmers should be using products and the warnings that are issued when looking at pesticides and the aquatic and arthropod buffer zones. 

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