Platform Structure - Overview

System structure overview

The system is structured using a hierarchical list of “Teams”.  At the lowest level the crop is the main unit which will be processed through the Potato Dashboard service.  Above crops are the Fields where either one or multiple crops can be associated. Every Farm, Field and Crop will be associated to a primary team.  Within these teams users can see all Farm, Fields and Crops that team has access to. In the example below, a team has been set up with two farms. Within these two farming units they have multiple fields and crops. A user within a team has the ability to share data with other teams be it crop, field or farm information. This structure was designed to be flexible to cope with the complex relationship found in potato production.  Please contact the help desk ( to discuss further how account may be configured. 


Figure 1:

Grower Team: 

  • All users are required to be associated to a team (Primary Team). However yo can be associated to multiple teams (secondary teams)

Farm 1 & Farm 2: 

  • A farm is the secondary unit that is required. This is a physical location that fields are associated with. Farms are represented as geolocations. You can add multiple farms to one or multiple teams. 

Field 1, 2, 3:

  • Fields are required and they are standard units that once added, will be the base for multiple seasons. These will be associated to one farm and to a team but can able shared to others on the platform (for example if a potato field is rented, this rented field can be shared by the original owner). 


  • Crop is the final unit which specifies what crop is being grown within a field in that particular season. Users are able to have multiple different crops in one field boundary. Individual crops can also be shared to different teams throughout the platform. 

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