Creating a protocol

Protocol Creation

When you click on the Trials app, the protocol page appears as below. Current protocols will be displayed in a list format, and can be edited and shared (2). The sort functions and year selection (3) allows users to specify the protocols they view. Clicking on the blue trial code allows you to change the stage of the protocol. (Protocols must be assigned IMPLEMENTATION stage before they can be assigned to a field). To add a new protocol, click the ADD icon in the top left hand corner and select protocol (1).

  • You can create a protocol as the Author or on behalf of another user.
  • You will only be allowed to edit or modify a protocol if you have been assigned as the Author, Reviewer, Approver or Implementer. These permissions can be set in the MANAGEMENT tab of the trials app.
  • You cannot duplicate protocols created by others unless you have Trial App Admin permissions.

  • In order to create a protocol, you will need to have already created Assessments, SOPs, and Assessment Variables. (CLICK HERE) to see the order in which these elements need to be created.

Clicking add protocol will load the form below, where the details of the trial can be added. 

Title of the trial, e.g. ‘NTN Wheat variety trial’
Authors need to provide a code. This is an alphanumeric string field.

Who will the trial be conducted for? This is an alphanumeric string field.

Unless the trial contains slots or confidential treatments, this should read ‘No’
SOPs & ASSESSMENTSChoose the relevant ones that you created earlier.

Pick from the dropdown. For farms to appear in this list they must be assigned as research centres.

Pick from the dropdown list


Fill in trial design and protocol author. Choose the user for each audit field (editable in the MANAGEMENT tab). 

STATUSStart the protocol as Draft. Move it from one status to another as the appropriate authority is satisfied with the document.


Select at least one Reviewer from the list (colleagues(s) who can critically assess your protocol)


Select at least one Approver from the list (normally the person who is in charge of overseeing all Trials)


Select at least one Implementer from the list- the person(s) who will be conducting the trial in the field


Select what you wish to achieve at the end of the trial


Click Save and continue to the next tab- TRIAL DETAILS. Here you can enter details on Objectives, Varieties, Assessments and Reporting. Clicking on each heading will open up a free-text section.


Treatment Tab

This is where you enter the treatment list for the trial. Begin by adding the factors. These are the variables that you are going to test in your experiment and they will be assigned a treatment number to be used in the randomisation and trial layout creation. Selecting INCLUDE will pull them through into the treatment details "Select Factor" dropdown. Complete the treatment details table.


Fill in the final two tabs- TRIAL MAINTENANCE and PROTOCOL VERSION. Click Save and Complete and your protocol is set up.

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