Order of creating trials

There is a specific order in which trials should be set up, which is shown in the following diagram.  

  1. Farms and Fields need to be set up within the MyFarm application. For help with this, CLICK HERE
  2. Then enter the Trials Setup application
  3. A trials centre must be set up, followed by Assessment Category, SOPs and assessment variables
  4. Then go to the main trials landing page to create protocols (Help CLICK HERE) and Trial Layouts (Help CLICK HERE)

If you have not already created the Farm and Fields associated with the trial, please do so first in MyFarm. CLICK HERE for Help with creating fields and farms.  

KisanHub provides a robust platform to manage data sharing, data  ownership and data access, at a farm, field, protocol and plot level. Data sharing and access can be customised within the platform, either with specific users or with the whole primary team of  the user. It is  important that you have the correct access to the required farm and field data and you have  selected the correct team in your top navigation bar’s team selection. For Help on how to adjust permissions, please CLICK HERE

Trials are associated with a harvest year, protocol and trial site.  The protocol must be created before a trial layout can be made. For Help creating a protocol, CLICK HERE

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