AgroMet Sensor List, Weather Override and Regional Summary

Sensor List

Clicking on SENSOR LIST under the AgroMet app heading in the sidebar will load a page showing two tabs- WEATHER STATIONS and PUBLIC STATIONS.

Weather Stations 

The first tab shows all of the Davis-Vantage Pro2 Plus weather stations that KisanHub have distributed so far across the UK. The weather stations will be listed in descending order of their distance from your farm. The station name, distance, location, model and parameters being measured are all listed here. The weather stations can be viewed in a table view, or a map view: 

The grey points on the map are the Environment Agency weather stations, and the blue points are the KisanHub Davis weather stations. 

Here you can assign your fields to a weather station, meaning that you can have the most accurate weather data being displayed in relation to each field. You are able to do this with weather stations on your farm, but also with stations elsewhere within the UK, as in some cases your crops may be closer to another weather station than your own. 

Viewing weather station data 

The data being captured by each weather station can be viewed from either the map view, or the table view. On map view, if you click on an individual station this will bring up a side card with the live information: 

save image

By clicking the icon highlighted by the red box, a new window is opened: 

save image

Here the information captured by the weather station is displayed in a graph format. All data captured since the weather station was  installed is shown here, and you are able to view the information daily and set the start and end date of the data you wish to view. Here you can also set which parameters you wish to view e.g. total rainfall, avg temperature. You have the option to view as a graph or table, and you are also able to export any data to excel. 

Assigning fields to a weather station

In order to do this, you right click on the 'Actions' button next to the required weather station. Then click 'Assigned Fields'. 

A new window will then pop up, and here you can select which fields you want to associate with the selected weather station. Once you have added all fields, click 'Assign'. 

Now these fields will always be associated with this weather station, and any weather data displayed for this field on the web platform or mobile app will be pulling weather data from the weather station. 

save image

It is important to note the weather stations can be viewed in this section as a 'table view' or 'map view' - by clicking the top right hand icons next to the Farm and Field selection you can change between the two. 

Public Stations

This tab allows you to view Envrionment Agency weather stations, in a similar view to the KisanHub weather stations. The weather stations will be listed in descending order of their distance from your farm. The station name, distance, location and parameters being measured (only rainfall for Environment Agency) are all listed here. Again you are able to view these in map or table view. 

Weather Override

If you wish to manually record or alter a weather event, you can do this by clicking on the WEATHER OVERRIDE tab (1). Then click on the ADD icon (2) which will load the following card:

Here you can manually add in a weather event that you have observed. Fill in the relevant fields and click save. These will then be visible in the main weather override tab. 

Regional summary

This final tab under the AgroMet app gives you, in graph format, the annual average climate summary for the United Kingdom. Each year can be clicked on and expanded.

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