AgroMet Landing Page.

AgroMet brings you the most recent weather updates for your farm or field. Click on the AgroMet app in the left hand bar (1). You can view either Forecast or Actual weather, which can be selected in the top tab (2). Forecast data is acquired from the Norway Met Office using the EC Geo Global model run at ECMWF ( This is a standard model used by various Met agencies.


Select the farm and field name in the top right hand corner for which you want weather data. Select a certain day to view a field level update of the weather and choose whether you want to view the data in chart or table view. Clicking on the parameters  drop-down (3) will allow you to configure what is displayed on the chart or table. Select the parameters and click apply to update them. 


AgroMet Table View:

Clicking on the table view icon (1) will display the screen as seen below. Weather data will be displayed in a table and again, parameters displayed can be chosen. Additionally in the table view, you have advice on the suitability of the weather for spray and fertiliser applications (2). This should help aid in the planning of applications in your fields and trials.

Actual weather:

Actual weather data is a past weather record for your chosen location, reaching back as far as one year. AgroMet has the ability to display weather data for the last 12 hours, 24 hours, last week, last month or the last year.  Alongside the table/chart view toggle, there is also an EXPORT AS function where the data can be exported into excel.This is an interpolated dataset, acquired from Dark Sky, a US based weather company. They use multiple data feeds including UK Met Office, METAR, NOAA ISD and NOAA ESRL to create the interpolated data.

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