Manage Sharing of Plots

Why do I need to share information?

The KisanHub platform facilitates the sharing of crop information across businesses. 

The advantage of the sharing option on the KisanHub platform is that crops can only be shared and viewed by the users you wish them to be shared with. 

How do I share the information? 

Your information is shared from the individual plots. 

Plot Sharing by Individual Crop

Go to Inventories > Map. Click on the plot you would like to share, and the plot card is shown. 

At the bottom, you will see the 'View and manage sharing' button. 

Clicking on this button shows you who the crop is shared with currently, and gives you the option to toggle the permission on and off, or remove altogether. 

To share with another organisation, simply start typing in the plot sharing box, and if the organisation exists, it will show in the drop-down and allow you to share the plot. 

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