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Why do I need to share information?

The KisanHub platform facilitates the sharing of crop information across businesses. 

The advantage of the sharing option on the KisanHub platform is that crops can only be shared and viewed by the users you wish them to be shared with. 

How do I share the information? 

Your data can be shared one of two ways: 

  • On MyFarm 

  • Table view on ‘Manage Sharing’ 

MyFarm Sharing by Individual Crop

Once the sharing icon is clicked (circled in red), a dialogue box will pop up and you will be asked for the email address of the person you want to share that crop with: 

Once you start typing in the email address it will appear - at this stage you can only share information with someone who is already a member of a team on the KisanHub platform. 

You will be given the option of sharing with a single user, or their whole team. You can select the options from the drop down box titled ‘Permission’

You will then be given three options

Once you select the option you wish and select save, the permissions will be updated and the user will recieve an email notification from

Please note - if you give someone Read, Edit and Delete permissions this gives them the ability to share on the crop information. 

As well as sharing crops directly from the map view, users also have the option to share them through the ‘Manage Sharing’ function which can be found on the MyFarm drop down list. 

From here Farms, Fields and Crops can be shared. Note that you will need to share the year specific crop in the field in order for the user to be able to view the information. E.g. if you only share the field, no crop information will be viewed. 

In order to share information, you simple click on the edit icon (circled in red) and then go through the same process as set out above. 

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