Manage Sharing

Share different views and farming practices between one another. This may be good to view different operations with similar soil types. Could help with controlling pests and diseases, or benchmarking against Trials that go ahead throughout the platform. 

Choose which teams you are willing to share information. This can all be configurable across the platform. Personal preferences can be given to share fields or information between one farm to another. This is completely confidential and down to user preference. 

Below is showing the form found across multiple applications through the KisanHub network to share information with other users.

Clicking the share icon will bring up the table as seen below. Once you add a email address of the end user, they will be able to view the data you are sharing with them (Farm, Fields, Crops, Operations etc). 

When the system has found the end user, the option to add just the user or the whole team is given. From here you can give them permission to:

  • Read Only
  • Read and Edit 
  • Read, Edit or Delete. 

Being able to Read, Edit and Delete will give them access to also share this data on if necessary. 

Table view of shared information. Here actions can be made into what the objective for each user will be. You can see the status of the sharing tool and what permissions are to be allowed from the end user. You can see who has permission and what the status is. At anytime, you can stop giving the end user permission into the data. 

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