Adding operations

Clicking on MyFarm will open on the left hand side of the app bar. This is where operations can be made to specific fields or group of fields. For example, if you want to make operations for multiple fields then you can select all required and make the same operations. 

The status of the operation will be given with the date it was to be carried out or a future plan. Operations can be viewed in three ways: 

  • Complete (green box with green tick inside)
  • Planned (blue box)
  • Overdue (red box).

This is generic across all operations on the platform. Please see operations table below: 

Creating operations:

There is a three step process into creating operations. 

Step 1: This is where you choose the crops of which the operation(s) should be carried out on. This can be across multiple fields and teams. 

The status can be either a plan or a record. Once this is all filled in, click next to step 2. As an example, a spraying operation has been added. 

Step 2: 

Here the operation is complete in more detail. Choosing the product here will be from our product database. Although, if you require a new product not yet entered, you can click the + within the product dropdown menu. Here you can add what product it is you require if it is unique. 

Selecting the date the operation is to or was carried out will be kept for record keeping. This can be edited if the operation was not carried out on the date planned. 

You can duplicate any operations to make it simplified and quicker to add them to multiple fields. 

Step 3:

Adding Equipment Details, Cost Details or More Details will start to build budgeting and costs for each operation carried out. Clicking on individual headings allows more in depth detail. 

Hit submit once all the operations are complete in full detail. This will allocate the operation going from the date provided to Upcoming, Overdue or Complete.  

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