Permissions and sharing

Permissions and sharing


1.Field Name and farm location

2.Present days 3 hour interval times

3.Temperature in centigrade

4.Rainfall in millimetres

5.Wind speed in meters per second  





8.Create Head Land

9.Create Tramlines  

10.Map Print  
11.Toggle between viewing field level details, Operations performed on field and field diary.

Permissions  and Sharing:

 Once you  have created your plot layouts, if you want user from a different team to have  access to it, you will have to explicitly share it using ’share’ function on  side bar of layout.

 You also  need to make sure that relevant user has access to the field your plot is on, farm  this field in on and protocol applied on layout. Previous sections on farm click view, field  click view and trial landing page’s table view (listing all protocols) have  information on sharing action associated with the relevant object. Each of  those objects activate a similar interface like the one on right when you click  ‘share’.

 When  interface is invoked, you can only share against an email address that is  registered on the system. When you type in the address and search, if the email  is on the system, the ‘share and set permissions’ interface expands to show the  different permissions you can grant to user and his team independently.

 There is a  delete button against the user name and team name that can be invoked if you do  not want any permission the user or the team.

 Once you  save, the user and team along with the associated permissions will appear in  ‘Existing Permissions’ section of the interface.

 Once  permissions have been granted, you can use the green toggle bar against each  user and team in ‘Existing Permissions’ section to activate or deactivate the  set permissions.

 The shared  objects still belong to your primary team so once you have all sharing for  farm, field, protocol, and layout configured, the intended user will be able to  view your plot when he changes his team to your primary team from top bar.

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