Trials - Table View

The top navigation bar and the left App Manu navigation bar provide same functionality as in the map view. Only protocols that comply to selected selected team, harvest year, and trial sites will be shown in the table.


The ‘ADD’ button on the top navigation bar lets us add a new protocol or perform a bulk upload of assessment. These ’ADD’ actions are discussed later in ‘Add new protocol’ section. 


You can navigate to finer information for each protocol through ‘APPLICATION’ sub menu. Example of ASSESSMENT information is given below.

1.Action column provides features to perform specific actions on each protocol. 
2.A menu pops upon initiating action showing all the actions you can perform on the associated protocol. These actions are restricted depending the permissions associated with person logged in
3.‘APPLICATION’ column provides further information associated with the protocol. These are discussed later in ‘Protocol Application’ section.  

4.Following fields of information are displayed as columns:-  
Trial Code
Harvest Year
Author Name
Reviewer Name
Approver Name
Implementer Name
Team Name
5.Each column can be filtered. Composite filtering can be invoked by filtering on multiple fields. 

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