Map View- Understanding Icons

Trials Landing Page Map View

On the Trials Platform, you can view your protocols in Table View or Map view. This is selected using the icons below (1). The screenshot below shows the map view. Green markers on the map show farms and fields that are set up, and can be clicked on to zoom. 

List of icons and descriptions:

  1.Table/Map view icons

  2.Harvest year selector

  3. Filter lists to specify display of certain protocols

  4. Team selection dropdown 

  5. User settings

  6. Map layer selection and location search

  7. Zoom to default farm on map

  8. Select area to zoom tool

  9. Help and support tools

Image 2 .Map View– Farm click view

1. Clicking trial farm pops up a side bar providing further information on protocols associated with the farm.

2. Share button helps to assign or share the farm with users of of other teams or another team itself.  You can allocate different permissions to users and teams. Sharing if further discussed in slide 29.
3. Clicking on the Trial Codes in the popup will open the protocol preview in new window.

Image 3. Map View– Field click view


1.Field Name and farm location
2.Present days 3 hour interval times
3.Temperature in centigrade

4.Rainfall in millimeters

5.Wind speed in meters per second



8.Create Head Land

9.Create Tramlines

10.Map Print

11.Toggle between viewing field level details, Operations performed on field and field diary.

Single left click on Field will update the current extent to Field boundary extent
Field Summary popup will be show. Top section presents , which has following information:
     •Todays weather forecast at 3 hours interval
     •Forecasted weather average for next 5 days. Load Field Tramline button: Click to show tramlines for the field on the map.  
    •Perform operations i.e.: edit, share, create headland and tramlines, print map
     •Toggle between viewing field level details, Operations performed on field and field diary.

Image 4. Map View– Trial plot click view

  1. Share
  2. View plot layout
  3. View Tramlines
  4. Print Map
  5. Switch between Details view, Trial detail view and Diary view
  6. Actions involved with trial layout creation
  1.  Single left click on Trial Layout  Extent Plot will update the current extent to Plot boundary extent. Clicking on  ‘View’ plot layout’ will bring with the treatment, replication grid as shown in  inset. To view the trial plot that is created by user of another team:

1. Plot should be shared with user or  his primary team.

2. Field should be shared with user or  his primary team.

3. Trial Site should be shared with  user or his primary team.

4.  Protocol should be shared with user or his  primary team.

5. User can have could be ‘Read’, ’Read  and Write’ and ‘Read, Write and Delete’ permissions on trial plots

 The permission granted to the user  overwrites the permission granted to the team.

Image 5. Map View– Trial– Detail plots Openstreet click view

 You can increase the zoom level If  you change the map skin (1) (map skin button on right) to Openstreet map.
 Activating detail plot view will  show the treatment replication grid.
 The side menu information changes to  show finer details of the clicked plot.
 The side menu also has feature to  show the headland and tramlines

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