Adding Farm, Field and Crop

Adding a Farm 

  • Zoom to the area or use the search function to locate the map on the area of interest (2)
  • Using the side bar, select ADD FARM (4)
  • Drop the pin on the desired location and click (5). This loads an ADD FARM form
  • Select a team and add a farm name. The location will automatically populate. Click SAVE and your farm will be mapped with a green pin icon.  

Adding a Field

The easiest way to add fields is to import them as shape files if you have preexisting field layouts. To do this, select the Upload data icon (1). Otherwise continue as below.

  • Zoom to the area or use the search function to locate the field of interest
  • Select the ADD FIELD  tool (2)
  • Draw around the boundary of the field. The more points you click on curves, the more accurate the layout will be (3). To finish drawing the polygon, click back on the first point.

Once you have drawn the boundaries of a field, the following card will appear. This gathers more information of that specific field. Select Farm name, then enter field name, field block and soil type.  

Workable area can be edited if necessary, but is automatically populated when you create the filed boundary. 

Adding crop(s) to Field 

Please draw a shape in the field and double click to bring up the table below. If the field has one crop within, please click the 'Use Field Boundary' button. This will expand the crop out to the previous field boundaries drawn. If you have split crops within a field then draw them as they are set out in the field. 

Select the crop, the variety and what the soil type is. 

Add the planting date from past records or if you are planning, make a estimated date for that season. 

Hitting save above will produce the map as seen below, this is the growing seasons crop within the field. This is where operations can start to be added.

For more information, please send feedback or chat with one of our agents. 

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