Settings & Configuration

Being able to set your default app will bring you straight to that page each time you login to the platform. Please follow the procedure as shown below for setting up your personal team requirements. 

By  clicking on the "cog wheel" icon, user will be presented with two options: User and Account. By selecting "User" one can change user settings. By selecting "Account" one can change account settings, like, email, name, password. 

Setting 'dashboard' as the default app will give an brief overview of daily tasks, recent articles and weather updates to specific locations (farm/field). Default farm and field will make sure that these objects will be auto selected in the web and mobile app.  

The screen below shows how to change account details. User can use this form the change name, email address and/or password. In order to leave the password unchanged, please leave the password fields blank. When left blank, the user password will not be changed. 

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