Core Platform and Agronomy

This covers - Core Platform, MyFarm, Agromet and KisanMet, KisanTools, KisanSat and Decision Support Tools. Core Platform: The core platform covers user invitation, creation of team, user and team settings, default Dashboard, user profile, MyDocs, Events (only for NN). MyFarm: all aspects of farm, field, crops, field operations, crop monitoring, field inventory. Agromet and KisanMet Service: This covers the KisanMet service, API ecosystem, all weather related data feeds covering forecast and actual weather, weather station integration, Agromet front end on the web platform. ProductWise and KisanTools: Plant protection, seed, fertiliser products, legal entities (firms), product recommendation check engine. API ecosystem which delivers this output. Crop Apps and Decision Support Tools: This covers all crop apps, pest and disease monitors, irrigation management, yield prediction and nutrient management tools. This also covers notification services.